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Pathways is seeking candidates to fulfil the role of Response and Resolution Director (Director). 


Working independently, the Director will have a well-developed knowledge in the coordination of professional standards investigations for both children and adults and administering appropriate process in a sensitive and complex environment whilst ensuring adherence to standards in the conduct of investigations in accordance with legislation, regulation and standards. This includes the Reportable Conduct Scheme and Mandatory Reporting. 


With a deep knowledge of the impacts of trauma on children and adults, the Director will be sensitive to the needs of those who have experienced abuse and barriers to reporting to institutions. This will require an understanding of the stress response mechanisms and survivor coping strategies applicable to trauma survivors, and the practical application of trauma-informed practices that promote emotional safety and minimise re-traumatisation through the reporting process. 


The Director will also have a strong understanding of the unique needs of children and young people coming forward to disclose abuse and the need to create a respectful, supportive and safe environment for them to do so. 


Demonstrating warmth, empathy and the capacity to meet the needs of a survivor at their own pace is vital. 


With demonstrated experience in the interpretation of relevant legislation, the Director will develop and apply policies, protocols and procedures in the provision of advice and recommendations in a complaints management and compliance environment. Assessing risk and legislative requirements, the Director will report to external bodies such as the Police and Commission for Children and Young People within expected timeframes.


With a large administrative aspect to the role, the Director will prepare reports to the Committee and Panel’s with disclosure reports, findings and recommendations. Skilled in communications, they will liaise with complainants, support persons, the Complex Care Coordinator and other stakeholders at key stages of the Step 2: Response and Step 3: Resolution. 


The maintaining of files to ensure effective case management, statistical and reporting data whilst adhering to legislative standards is paramount to the integrity of the process. 

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To be advertised in January 2022