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Care Coordination


Step 1 Care Coordination provides support with the following:




You can contact the Complex Care Coordinator any time to ask questions, find out what Step you are at, timeframes, or have information explained to you in a way you find most helpful. If you are happy for the Complex Care Coordinator to contact you with updates, he/she will use whatever format you prefer such as phone, in person, videoconference or email. Otherwise, you may prefer for the Complex Care Coordinator to speak directly with your personal support person, or legal representaive.

Engaging in the Pathways model can impact people in a range of sometimes unexpected ways. Some find it helpful to talk this through with a therapeutic support person. You may already be engaging in counselling and wish to continue this, or you may like some assistance in sourcing someone experienced in what you are going through. The Complex Care Coordinator can assist you with either of these options as Pathways Victoria provides funded psychological care, through a psychologist of your choosing (in accordance with the Pathways Victoria Therapeutic Support Guideline and Service Agreement).

It may not be the right time for you to engage in therapeutic support, or you may not feel it necessary right now. Should that change, the option to take up this support remains available throughout your participation in the model. Pathways Victoria also extend therapeutic access to your personal support person, as we know they are important in assisting you throughout your journey with Pathways.

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