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Our Careers

Are you ready to work in a high-quality, responsive and values-driven workplace in a role that supports victim-survivors of institutional abuse?

Do you want to be part of a supportive and welcoming professional team that aims to make people feel heard, seen, understood, supported and connected?


Why work with us?

  • Strong team culture (we believe in what we do)

  • Excellent remuneration (we recognise and reward)

  • Flexible remote working options (we support and encourage)

  • Ongoing professional development opportunities (we reflect, guide, explore, and we learn)

  • Access to external supervision and de-briefing (we promote self-care and wellbeing)

Our positions are advertised at Ethical Jobs.



Pathways seek a confident and capable 0.6FTE Accounts Administrator and Practice Manager (Manager) who brings a diverse skill set in providing high-quality, efficient and responsive business and administration support across the organisation. Reporting directly to the Pathways CEO, the Manager is a hybrid role responsible for overseeing administrative operations of the organisation, including all accounts functions. As a valued team member, the Manager works collaboratively with all team members providing guidance and hands-on support, delivering exceptional service to meet our organisation and client needs.  

This important role is an exciting opportunity for a forward-thinking office all-rounder to join our new team. Equally capable of working autonomously, the Manager will have a positive attitude, be capable of being self-directed and be a skilled communicator. 

Please visit Ethical Jobs for more information and how to apply. 



Pathways seek a confident and resilient 0.6FTE Complex Care Coordinator to facilitate Step 1: Engagement of the Pathways process. This includes initial engagement with our service, assessment of needs, casework and care coordination with external health practitioners and other services. Pathways works within recovery-focused and Trauma-Informed care and practice model.

Reporting directly to the Pathways CEO, the Complex Care Coordinator will have a deep understanding of the impacts of trauma. The Coordinator will be sensitive to the needs of those who have experienced abuse and barriers to reporting to institutions. This will require the capacity to analyse the stress response and survivor coping strategies to develop trauma-informed strategies which enlist verbal and non-verbal communication skills for supporting emotional regulation, optimal arousal and safety, and minimising re-traumatisation through the complaints reporting process. Demonstrating warmth, empathy, and the capacity to meet the needs of a survivor at their own pace is vital.

The Coordinator has delegated authority to make decisions surrounding individualised client care approvals in consultation with the Pathways Response and Resolution Director, the person reporting abuse and others involved in their support.

Please visit Ethical Jobs for more information and how to apply. 


Pathways is seeking members with specialist knowledge to join our Complaints Committee, Assessment Panel and Resolution Panel.

The Complaints Committee will have responsibility for overseeing investigation of allegations. The Complaints committee performs that function through its delegate or appointee who may be the Response and Resolution Director or an independent outside investigator.

The Complaints Committee will consider the investigator’s report and any recommended findings and any report from the Director and ordinarily make a finding of fact. It may also determine to refer the matter to the Assessment Panel for adjudication, for example if the allegations are contested. It would give notice of that referral to the respondent and the victim-survivor. This would generally only occur when a respondent is alive and contests the allegations. 

The Resolution Panel’s function is to adjudicate on matters where the survivor has opted to apply for a monetary payment through a panel as opposed to a resolution through mediation.


The independent committee/panel member's role is to reinforce the technical expertise of Pathways by:

  • Providing independent expert advice in the specific subject areas of the committee/panel.

  • Working within the parameters of the Terms of Reference to make decisions.

  • Build and maintain relationships with the Board, other members and the Response and Resolution Director.

  • Exercising independent judgment in ensuring Pathways is meeting its safeguarding, legal, and ethical obligations and in line with the organisation’s values

  • Working in line with Trauma Informed Care and Practice principles


The Members will meet in their respective committee/panel on papers as required and regularly engage with the Response and Resolution Director (remote meetings available). It is expected that that members may meet up to 20 times per year on an as needs basis.

Please visit Ethical Jobs for more information and how to apply.